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As a firm that is independent of banks and domiciled in the Principality of Liechtenstein, LIEMETA stands for the utmost professionalism, discretion and quality. The Principality of Liechtenstein, a sovereign state since 1719, guarantees maximum security.

LIEMETA is one of the largest trade houses for coins, bars, and precious metals in the Principality of Liechtenstein and in Switzerland. We always offer fair sale and buy-back conditions and transparent pricing . We are the ideal partner for financial intermediaries (banks, funds, investment advisers, insurance firms, etc.), but also for private clients.

We also buy back precious metals that have been sold by us and stored with us, generally with same day execution.

The interest in precious metals as a way to store value has increased significantly over recent years, as has the demand for various custody and storage sites, accordingly. Likewise, the demand has been growing constantly for custody options outside the banking sector.

LIEMETA therefore offers sale and buy-back of precious metals plus safe custody in a high-security storage facility outside the banking sector. To that end, we have created a unique alternative in one of the safest locations in Europe, Liechtenstein. Precious metal transports can be undertaken globally to all major locations.

LIEMETA sells gold, silver and other precious metals in all customary forms in-house from own stocks at the main storage location in Liechtenstein, without the need for transport, and under very competitive conditions.

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We do not offer investment advice:

This information is provided solely for general information and educational purposes. It is not, and should not be construed as, an offer to buy or sell, or as a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell. 



The shiny yellow metal has been accepted for thousands of years globally as a means of payment. Due to its natural scarcity, high acceptance, and universal payment characteristics, it has guaranteed stability of value in times of inflation. For many, gold is the most beautiful precious metal and is also commonly processed into jewellery. In addition, it has an established value in industry.

Gold-mining has become ever more expensive over recent decades, as deposits are ever harder to access, and the mining cost alone has been constantly rising.

Gold is an important supplement to any individual structured asset portfolio.

Gold ensures purchasing power, is always liquid, has no counter-party risk, and provides the owner with maximum flexibility. As one way of hedging against risk in the event of currency and banking crises, storage outside the banking sector is highly recommended.

1 kg gold bar



The younger brother of gold has likewise always served as money. It was contained in every dollar, frank, or mark coin. Just like gold, it has a value as a means of payment. Silver is not only an investment metal but is also a significant industrial metal. Approximately two-thirds of annual production is used for example in medical technology, in the semiconductor industry, or in other sectors. Most silver is not mined directly but is a by-product of the mining for example of copper and cobalt.

It is also used with impressive results in silversmithing.

Silver is likewise a sensible supplement to any investment portfolio and, due to its increasing industrial use, has a corresponding potential to grow in value.

silver standard bar



Platinum likewise has an established place amongst metals used for jewellery and in industry. For a long time, it was more expensive than gold and attracted a smaller range of investors.

Due to the ongoing rapid development of fuel cell technology, major opportunities have opened up for platinum.

In addition, it is used in every mobile phone, catalytic converter, and many other products.

Platinum bar



Palladium is a very scarce precious metal. The annual production is around 210 – 220 metric tons (“mt”; US Geological Survey). Palladium is only mined as a small portion of polymetallic ores. Thus, a specific targeting to substantially increase palladium extraction is not possible.

Mine closures at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 led to a decrease of production in 2018. Experts expect a further decrease of production by 2% in 2019, says Metal Focus, London. Analysts do not see a possible supply relief anytime in near future.

Palladium is a member of the group of platinum metals and can be used in similar ways to platinum. It is essential in the automotive industry and mobile telephone technology.

About 80% of the global palladium production is used in catalytic converters of petrol cars. Tightening of governmental regulations to reduce the output of particle pollution is increasing the production of petrol cars, compared to diesel cars.

Its increased value over recent years has raised palladium’s profile ever further for investors.

Palladium 1000g

LIEMETA buys and stocks gold, silver, platinum and palladium only from LBMA-certified refineries (Valcambi, Metalor, Argor Heraeus and others) standards or above, at the following purity grades:

  • Gold: 999,9
  • Silver: min. 995,0
  • Platinum: 995,0
  • Palladium: 995.0

LIEMETA sells bars in gold, silver, platinum and palladium, and coins in gold and silver, including numismatic coins. We accept Euro, Swiss Franc, US Dollar, and other currencies upon individual reconfirmation. Cash payments of EUR 10.000 or above are not accepted.

LIEMETA provides futures and hedging possibilities and may arrange for gold- or silver-based lending facilities (Lombard loans) with our partner banks.

If clients wish to store their precious metals somewhere else, we offer worldwide security shipping.

We do buy back precious metals sold by us and stored with us. Sale and buy-back procedures will generally take place the same day (day of client’s purchase or sales order). Buying back large quantities of precious metal may take two to three days, for logistical reasons.

Our sales prices of precious metals are very competitive and generally below bank prices for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Our premiums are moderate and thus investor-friendly. Ask us for a quote!

Liemeta comprehensively advises buyers about precious metals, supports transfers, and assists with the payment process.

You are welcome to contact us through the below contact form.

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