Precious metals
and their markets

Gold Storage Abroad

If you decide to store your gold elsewhere than at home, using a third-party vault company that is neither a bank nor government intuition is the only safe solution for asset protection.

Gold In The Changing International Monetary System

Gold In The Changing International Monetary System

Macroeconomic uncertainty resulting from deteriorating budget positions, and rising debt of some of the reserve currency countries, an increased threat of currency wars, and protectionist policies have prompted central banks to diversify their portfolios.

China’s Golden Week and its Effect on the Gold Price

Year after year, China’s Golden Week National Holiday causes the gold price to tumble. In fact, it is one of those two weeks in the year when pretty much the whole of China is closed including factories and offices as well as the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

World Gold Council Releases The 10 Responsible Gold Mining Principles

The Responsible Gold Mining Principles, recently launched by the World Gold Council, lay out the framework through which the gold mining companies can provide confidence to investors, supply chain participants and consumers that their gold has been produced responsibly.