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Gold 2021

2021 Could be the Best Year for Gold in Modern History

Gold is the most trusted investment vehicle in the history of humanity, as its intrinsic value has endured for all of human history. In addition to its role as global money, it has numerous applications in different industries.

Demand for Silver Nanoparticles Set to Explode

Demand for Silver Nanoparticles Set to Explode

As technology advances and companies around the world look for new medical approaches to diseases and research solutions, silver nanoparticles have found fertile ground to quickly become the hottest thing in the silver market.

Gold market Russia

Russia gold market likely to grow

Russian retail gold investors are likely to grow the Russian gold market with their increasing demand. 55% of investors eyeing gold.

Silver could outperform gold

Silver is Outperforming Gold in Massive Metals Rally

Silver has been proven to be one of the most popular and beneficial options for investment, because it shares most of the properties of gold as well as historical significance, but it also has loads of industrial applications.

Gold Investment Pivots

Gold Investment Pivots

Gold market supply chain has shown resilience amid Covid19 and highlighted a key strength of the gold market and stability.