USD 10 Million Silver Deal Sealed Yesterday

Silver has been underrated since many years and investors and analysts believe that the silver price is about surging. Silver investors trust in silver because it is mainly used in the industry and thus less subject to speculations.

We are proud to announce that we sealed a USD 10 million silver deal yesterday. The delivery is agreed to take place in several batches during the coming few weeks. 

The entire amount will be delivered to our high-tech vaults in Liechtenstein in form of silver standard bars, 31.1 kg each.

The entire deal of USD 10 million silver will make almost 17 tons, being around 550 sliver standard bars.

The silver will be stored in our high-tech and high-security vaults in Liechtenstein, which are certified as Security Grade X (10), being one of the safest vaults in Europe. Furthermore, we do provide 100% insurance coverage, which is confirmed by our insurers in form of a so-called Certificate of Evidence of Insurance (EOI), issued by our insurers in the name of the client.

Our clients have 24/7 access to our facilities in case they wish to inspect their precious metals stored with us.


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