Daniel Lacalle: The Reasons for Gold

Why is it important to invest in gold, despite a strong US Dollar and huge injections of fresh money into the markets?

Published on Youtube by Daniel Lacalle.
Daniel Lacalle is not just only one of many economists in the world, but one of the most important capacities defending the fundamentals of resilient economies. Daniel holds a PhD in Economy, is a Senior Economist, has a CIIA title, post-graduated with a degree in IESE; he holds a masters degree in Economic Investigation, is a lecturer, well sought-after author, keynote speaker and a Austrian School fellow. Daniel Lacalle summarises the main reasons to invest in gold despite a strong US Dollar and huge injections of fresh money into the markets as following:
  1. Emerging markets demand: as their currencies are not stable but rather collapsing.
  2. Central Banks: While injecting funds into economies, Central Banks stabilize themselves with gold reserves.
  3. Status as reserve of value: It is unchallenged that gold is used for transactions since long centuries, while believe in fiat currencies is relatively new.
  4. De-correlation of gold: Gold is a de-correlated asset, while equities and bonds are increasingly correlated.
Enjoy watching while understanding why gold is a must-have in your portfolio to preserve your wealth.

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