Gemstone and Jewellery Custody

We pride ourselves on counting some of the most substantial gemstones investors of Europe and of the Middle East as our clients. And we feel honoured to be the first choice for renown families to safeguard their priceless family jewelleries, which partly consist of precious pieces owned since generations.

With our state-of-art private vaults in Liechtenstein, we offer the highest security level available for private clients in Europe. Our modern high-security storage facilities are certified as Security Grade X (10), which means that professional burglars would need 10 hours to reach the locations in our building where gemstones and jewellery is stored in individual sealed boxes. For clients who desire even more security we offer the additional option to rent safe deposit boxes and strongboxes.

Our building and all our vaults are under continuous surveillance and equipped with various high-tech alarm systems that are connected to both a specialised private security firm and the police headquarters of Liechtenstein, which is in walking distance to our facilities.

Our vaults are climatised and equipped with automated fire extinguishing systems. Our safe deposit boxes and strongboxes are fire-safe.

Absolute discretion is our motto, whether our clients opt for custody in our hands-free collective vault rooms or for their own safety deposit boxes or strongboxes.

Visiting and revisiting gemstones or jewelleries in custody with us is not limited to specific days or hours. We are happy to welcome you at any time of any day throughout the year.

We provide one of the best insurance coverage available, including full coverage of embezzlement by staff, managers and owners. We are the only private vaults facility in Europe that provides its clients with a so-called Certificate of Evidence of Insurance, issued by our insurer MARSH (or other Lloyds underwriters) in the name of our clients.

We provide duty-free bonded warehouse storage, whether a client prefers to store in our collective vaults or in their own safety deposit boxes or strong boxes.

Last but not least, we provide security transport services from and to anywhere in the world where security ground infrastructures exist.

We are an independent, non-bank and family-owned and -managed company. We look after our clients like we look after our own family members.

If you want to know more about our unique and distinguished services, please contact us through the form below or, why not, visit us and see with your own eyes.