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First Class Services – Gold Sales and Private Vaulting

The discerned investor requires exclusive service at top level. We provide it, but do not advertise it.

It starts with a private jet airport only 45 km from our vaulting premises in Liechtenstein. You will be personally welcomed at the airport by one of our directors in Liechtenstein and chauffeured to our state-of-art vaulting facilities.

After an amicable conversation in our VIP meeting room (photo below, with gold-plated wall) you will be guided on a private inspection tour through our facilities, which will include two or three vaulting rooms (including the bonded duty-free area), our assay laboratory, our inspection room where our clients are welcome to view their precious metals stored with us at any time (24/7), and our private safes department.

We rightfully pride ourselves with our highest security standards technically possible. Our modern and high-tech vaulting facilities are so safe that we even do not need armed security guards.

Finest Gold and Silver

We will provide your needs for physical gold and silver exclusively from LBMA certified refineries in Switzerland, with a purity of 999,9 for gold and 995,0 for silver. To provide you with additional peace of mind, all gold bars of 1 kg delivered by the refineries to our facilities are undergoing our own assay, one by one. Smaller gold bars are assayed on random basis at a high percentage.

Exclusive Storage

We store your precious assets exclusively in segregated form and in your name. We will be providing you with detailed storage reports, listing the seal numbers of your individual storage boxes, the code of location within our vaulting facilities, the name of the producing refinery, the serial number of every single bar, each bar’s gross and nett weight.

For additional security, you might desire your own individual safe deposit cabinet, which we keep available for you in various sizes for up to 1,500 kg of gold.

Unmatched Insurance Cover

We will be providing you with your own Certificate of Evidence of Insurance (EoI), issued directly by our insurers in your name and stating the total value insured. We have not yet seen such a service provided by any other vaulting service.

The insurance coverage includes, among others, embezzlement by staff, managers and owners, as well as terror acts.

Client gold and silver stored with us under insurance cover currently amounts to over 1.5 billion Swiss Francs.

Absolute Discretion – No Reporting

As a private non-bank company, we are not subject to any reporting requirements such as CRS (automated exchange of information) or similar.

Your privacy is our top priority. Therefore, we do not store any data in the cloud or in data centres. Our entire IT and data storage system is exclusively kept in-house at our premises in Liechtenstein.

Depending on your instruction to us, storage reports and certificates of Evidence of Insurance may be issued in the name of your client number with us.

Worldwide Deliveries

Should you wish delivery of your gold or silver stored with us at any time, we will be happy to arrange for security transport to any location in the world where security ground services exist.

You will be in good hands…

We serve clients and friends (well, that is what our clients typically become after only a short time being with us) from the Middle East and North Africa since long years. We are not only familiar with the local culture of the Middle East but we do love it.

For our faithful clients from the Middle East and beyond we are providing certified, fully Shariah compliant services based on the AAOIFI Shariah Standard No 57 on Gold.

Please send us a message through the form below, and the director of Liemeta ME, Mr Stefan Nolte, will call you back at your convenience.



We do not offer investment advice:

This information is provided solely for general information and educational purposes. It is not, and should not be construed as, an offer to buy or sell, or as a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, or as investment advice in general.